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  • After slipping on fruit peel, injured man in science lab’s life mission is to invent peel-less bananas.
  • Researcher tests painful internet haircutting laptop scissor arm invention rough drafts.
  • Researcher tells scientist mouse has been afraid of mazes since saw “The Shining.”
  • Bug & human researchers watch crash test dummies about to splatter hitting car window.
  • Afraid lab rat asks other if it feels like it stumbled into the wrong timeline as scary cheese runs through maze to eat them.
  • Picky scientist cats research if cat food is edible on parody Scientific American magazine cover parody.
  • Researcher develops cake batter bowl mouse trap to catch mice.
  • Doctor tells sleep study patient to sleep normally while covered in uncomfortable monitor tubes and watched by cameras and researchers
  • Aliens research of Earth show that it's mostly made up of cut cats so they'll be able to conquer easily.
  • Wine bottle is excited when red wine comes to life and is breathing.

  • Alien parents need to discuss probing with teenager.
  • Knights tested success of human cannonballs against castle walls.

You searched for: researching