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  • Cats curiosity about accident causes traffic backup.
  • Dog wears thunder shirt to calm storm anxiety while man wears election shirt to calm election anxiety.

  • Student stares at phone to demonstrate to class what she did all summer.

  • Cat radios back to mission control that due to love and attention they are staying.

  • Fake vomit sales are always gross sales.
  • A witch's house has big bites missing because her new neighbor is the Cookie Monster.
  • Political pundits predict that a rock will beat scissors in the election.
  • A dog reporter says who was last at a fire hydrant based on its smell.
  • An egg quarterback starts to scramble.
  • Cop confronts stork about reports that he has been hoarding babies.
  • Out of ideas, John Quinones asks people why they didn't bless stranger after sneezing.
  • Juror's beauty distracts courtroom artist from sketching defendant.

You searched for: reporting