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  • Klingon's mistakenly shoot at Enterprise rental car.

  • A man is alarmed to see that kangaroos might become his upstairs neighbors.
  • A penguin is all white and his tuxedo markings were a rental.
  • Old woman looking to buy a new shoe home considers a bowling shoe rental instead.
  • Grocery store offers parkas for rent while you shop in the dairy aisle.
  • Man wants to pick next movie rental, the woman chose a movie where viewer desertion is advised.
  • A woman hides her pets from the land lord, because they are not allowed according to her lease.
  • One baby kicks the walls, but both of the twins get evicted.
  • A man wants to rent a center, for the one he is missing.
  • A shoe house gets privacy living on a cul-de-sock.
  • An early rental franchise has ewes hauling stuff.
  • A realtor says the neighbors are only a stone's throw away, which is why there are holes broken in the windows.

You searched for: renting