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  • Jesus can't believe his photo of two fish and 5 loaves of bread got 5000 shares.
  • Jonah uses whale's tongue to take a selfie from instead whale's mouth.
  • Dante's nine circles of grill include varying degrees of burnt foods.
  • A dog climbs a mountain to receive wisdom and learns that disobedience is okay if no one sees it.
  • Noah loads his arc with chipmunks as food.
  • Santa is a suspect of a crime at a Jewish house.
  • Devil's inbox overflows with sinners while outbox remains empty.
  • Moses is surprised how quickly the new Ten Commandments tablet comes out.
  • The comic Cul de Sac is parodied as Cult de Sac.
  • Adam informs Eve salad she is eating is actually his dirty laundry.
  • Snowmen argue over which child is the true snowman creator.
  • Moses goes to a pharmacy to get advice on breaking stone tablets.

You searched for: religious