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  • Santa with box of diapers tells reindeer due to complaints they are implementing changes.
  • Red and yellow leaves arguing in bed have both changed since beginning their relationship green.
  • Raccoon and rabbit at beach play rock-paper-scissors to decide who applies sunblock to porcupine’s spiny back.
  • Tyrannosaurus dino at beach has red sunburn everywhere its short arms can’t apply sunscreen.
  • Tree tells grossed out tree that the blaze on it’s rear end is a trail marker, not a rash.
  • Purple color runs away from rainbow created by light passing through prism.
  • Rudolph was sick so Santa called on Rashy the Red Butt Reindeer to guide his sleigh.
  • Santa catches Rudolph drinking red wine by the fire with his nose in the glass.
  • Red M&Ms are sunburned M&Ms.
  • Among rare animals, a rare sight is a Game of Thrones episode where no one dies.

  • King gest one-upped by queen who wears a red velvet cake robe.
  • Cat artist cannot capture red laser dot accurately in his paintings.

You searched for: red