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  • Bare branch deciduous tree is scolded by pine for littering recyclable trash on Arbor Day. He’s only green part of the year.
  • Couple is grossed out by already chewed gum in a recycled gum ball machine.
  • Everything at the composite hockey stick company breaks and snaps.
  • In honor of Earth Day, the cartoon recycles pieces of old cartoons.
  • Bottle is not interested in long term relationship and only dates returnable bottles.
  • A plastic container contemplates having an afterlife through recycling.
  • Mayor commemorates Earth Day planting a tree for the press after clearing trees for conference.
  • Trees play prank on other tree by putting "Turn me into this" paper on tree's trunk.
  • Old Christmas trees get recycled into car air fresheners.
  • Oscar the Grouch dies because he fell asleep in the recycling bin.

  • The Green Giant dies and is buried in a giant compost bin.

You searched for: recycles