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  • Woman asked to identify from line up who watched her while she slept.
  • Parents come to parents' night at a school and a monster looks at his kid's webbed hand turkey.
  • A dog gets laser nose surgery and smells better.
  • A pelican in a police lineup is given away by the purse in his beak.
  • A thief picks his victim out of a police lineup.
  • A girl doesn't bring her photo ID to Santa, so he takes her off the Nice list.
  • A mummy can't recognize his date under her bandages.
  • Magritte's painting The Son of Man is updated with an Apple iPhone.
  • A smart vacuum keeps you from vacuuming legos and rings.
  • Father's baby will say all styles of painting, except dada.
  • Witness describes criminal exactly like artist creating the sketch.
  • Chameleon in police lineup camouflages himself to avoid being identified.

You searched for: recognize