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  • To raise money, the city issues parking tickets to commuters stuck in traffic.
  • Pop of Rice Krispies is laid off due to the economy.
  • Only those talking about the economy are thriving in this economy.
  • Beggar offers to make you seem interesting on your blog if you give him money.
  • Budgeting parents tell daughter they can pay for her to go to college or the gas to drive her there.
  • The twelve drumming drummers get downsized.
  • Pinocchio takes a job as sawdust during hard times.
  • The latest home pages are newspapers you sleep under.
  • An IRS agent out of work has a sign saying he'll eat 1/3 of the food of the bum next to him.
  • Saturn goes broke and pawns its rings.
  • A bankrupt beehive displays a sign stating it is "Going Out of Beeswax," while a bee holds a sign stating, "Will Work for Honey."
  • Medusa is inside of a game called "Whack-A-Snake" because she fell on hard times and needed another job.

You searched for: recession