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  • Man thinks he's embarrassing woman with birthday singing in restaurant, but it's really her birthday.
  • Man is disappointed by real hamburger after seeing beautiful, tasty hamburger on poster.
  • During fall, the giving tree drops more and more leaves.

  • Dog biscuits are actually made by crushing gingerbread men.
  • Everyone is too busy watching fireworks on devices that they miss fireworks right in front of them.
  • A lego figure tells his therapist that he has nightmares where his feet are stuck to the floor.
  • Dr. Seuss' shortest book is Yellow and White Eggs with Pink Ham.
  • Frosty the Snowman has to wear a hat to come to life, but his friend Louie has to wear a bra to come to life.
  • Book about drawing in perspective is in different perspectives.
  • Therapist tells snowflake it's unrealistic to date someone exactly like yourself.
  • Nevin received no help for his move despite inviting his 3958 MySpace "friends."

You searched for: reality