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  • Mime cat uses his invisible box to pee in.

  • The mad scientist has other emotions: annoyed, giddy, and confused.
  • Out of ideas, John Quinones asks people why they didn't bless stranger after sneezing.
  • Cheez-Itch rash crackers parody Cheez-It cheddar crackers.
  • A dog gets excited when he hears the word "walk" in boardwalk while playing Monopoly.
  • Man goes without pants because he's tired of being called fancy pants.
  • A blowfish attending a session in psychology is accused of being defensive.
  • A teacher breaks through the window to run away during a fire drill.
  • A cat tries to declaw its owner in revenge for being declawed itself.
  • Different species react differently to seeing females.

You searched for: react