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  • Pet owner sleeps to peaceful white noise but wakes to orange kitty’s annoying morning meows.
  • Cop says arrested man has right to remain silent but criminal says smelly fart smell was his idea.
  • Tenant says silent pets permitted by landlord’s misspelled no cats aloud apartments rule sign.
  • Dogs watch canine mime act stuck in imaginary kennel street performance entertainment.
  • Mime in invisible box & cute mimes costume puppy panting pantomime performance comparison.
  • Rebelling insects enjoy unexpected choices, potato bug eats rice, fragrant stink bug wears Chanel, wild partying recluse spider & grasshopper skipping.

  • Computer tells partying open screens laptops guest socially anxious closed friend not good at parties.
  • Ironic sleazy guy at bar leering at ladies personality easier to read than indecipherable writing tattooed man.
  • Shy personality introverted inferno and wild outgoing outferno fire flames party with devils in hell.
  • Turtle tells mussel mollusk party made it feel like an extrovert.
  • Telecommuting dad on computer shushes noisy son Mike not muted interrupting online video work meeting.
  • Mime on smartphone sees blank text message replies.

You searched for: quiet