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  • Avocado half can’t punch opponent in pit.
  • Boxer breaks open speed bag containing candy like pinata.

  • Snorklers keep their distance to stay safe from the Noogie Fish.
  • Taco Belt punches you in the face.
  • By beating test subject, researchers hope to treat incurable optimism.
  • A young George Lucas edits films showing sister punched first.
  • Electromagnetic jerseys of same polarity keep hockey players from being able to fight.
  • Danny Bonaduce tests beats up Sesame Street characters for publicity.
  • The line at a signing for "Put Yourself First" is a fight because everyone's trying to put themselves first.
  • Driver gets confused when passenger watches Rocky while driving.
  • NHL new rule says in tie game, the team with most teeth left wins.
  • A declawed cat kicks a dog dummy in a self-defense class.

You searched for: punching