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  • Billy from Family Circle cartoon persuades audience that the world is a circle.
  • Graduation speaker's speech full of spelling errors advises graduates not to be afraid to make mistakes.
  • The hand without a puppet makes for the worst puppet government.
  • Student stares at phone to demonstrate to class what she did all summer.

  • On take-your-child-to-work day, speechwriter's kid makes silly promise in candidate's speech.
  • Turkey's speech about slashing budget scares audience.
  • The Innocence Project helps exonerate and release the Kraken.
  • Shark tells classmates how he went to the beach on his summer vacation.
  • The roadrunner explains how to get through a painted tunnel.
  • A dog meows at a presidential campaign speech.
  • Presenter to an audience of cell phones is distracted by all the phones that vibrate.
  • Before lecture on Always Stay Connected, speaker asks audience to turn off cell phones.

You searched for: public speaking