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  • A mouse does poorly in a maze study because he's lactose intolerant and doesn't want cheese.
  • Godzilla uses a hotel as an advent calendar.
  • Kids drink apres skeeball the way adults drink apres ski.
  • A dog's girlfriend refuses to give him a treat just because he lay down.
  • Instead of bars, man hits three Babars on slot machine.
  • Lord Stanley's dining utensils all resemble hockey's Stanley Cup.
  • Man at kissing booth is surprised to find gum in his mouth as part of rewards program.
  • Kids find only wrappers in pinata as squirrel ate all the candy.

  • Jack Frost's house is full of game mounts of noses he's nipped off.
  • A nerd wins a costume contest because people think his outfit is a costume.

You searched for: prizes