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  • Cat cashier calls for price of mouse traps while embarrassed cat hides face.
  • Marketers raise razor prices only to find out men would rather have beards than pay more.

  • A man buys solar power for his car.
  • Devil wears knock-off brands because he can't afford Prada.
  • Artist's body outline street drawings make neighborhood seem dangerous.
  • Jeweler gives Cupid money to shoot two lovers admiring jewelry.
  • Santa charges a re-stocking fee for filling up Christmas stocking.
  • In addition to oil, warriors use solar power to burn offenders.
  • For Father's Day, Mark's family provides all the ideas so he can have the day off.
  • King of Hearts shocked queen chooses diamonds over his heart.
  • Construction company has contract price option related to volume of radio.
  • Budgeting parents tell daughter they can pay for her to go to college or the gas to drive her there.

You searched for: price