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  • Marge Simpson's ultrasound shows Lisa with a spiky head.
  • Dora explores mom's pancreas as a fetus.
  • Doctor thinks baby looks like a cross between an alien and an ant while using a Rorschach inkblot ultrasound test.

  • Ultrasound nurse tells mother snowflake she is pregnant with fraternal twins, not identical.
  • A snowwoman is expecting, but doesn't care if it's a boy or a girl.
  • A sports coach recruits a baby before he is born.
  • A man has a sonogram, and finds out he is a mother.
  • Al Hirschfeld gets inspiration at his wife's ultrasound.
  • An expectant hyena listens to comedy tapes that are supposed to be good for the kids.
  • In case of an emergency, a baby should break the water.
  • Gumby's wife's ultrasound shows that she's pregnant with a stick of gum.

You searched for: prenatal