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  • Potatohead doesn't realize teacher is calling on him because prankster switched his ear for a raised arm.

  • Firefighters put a whoopee cushion on their safety trampoline.
  • Elves rip off calendar days so Santa wakes up thinking he missed Christmas.
  • For April Fool's Day, brother plays toilet flushing app while brother asks girl on date.
  • Chimpanzees display humor by playing practical joke on Jane Goodall.
  • Trees play prank on other tree by putting "Turn me into this" paper on tree's trunk.
  • A kid in a toilet costume is scared he'll be blamed for toilet papering a house.
  • Angel's play a joke on people by impersonating God.
  • The pipe snake was invented when a snake went into the wrong bathroom at school.
  • A future journalist is about to get his first pull-it surprise.

  • A schoolteacher for a class of animals passes a troublemaking buck because she doesn't want to deal with him two years in a row.
  • Scotty beams up Kirk's toupee, but nothing else.

You searched for: prankster