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  • Kids practice catching snowflakes on tongue in fall by catching falling leaves.

  • Dogs at the gym watch videos of squirrels to run faster on the treadmill.
  • A chiropractor's business is looking up because everyone is looking down at their phones.
  • Turkey's yoga class pays off as he avoids ax.
  • Stacy thought rehearsal dinners were meant for pretending to eat.
  • Mentor encourages magician when rabbit appears in pants instead of hat.
  • Vampire teacher chastises pupil for turning into cat instead of a bat.
  • Nervous man will discover noise in basement is marching band.
  • Team physicians practice their medical skills in preparation for baseball season.
  • Ice skates practice drawing figure eights by looking at eight model.
  • God wants to talk to angel shooting at his halo.
  • A teenage rock star wannabe trashes a hotel room in a video game to practice for the real thing.

You searched for: practices