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  • Zombie lusts after intelligent brains of Jeopardy game show contestants on TV.
  • Skeleton wife discovers husband visits racy Internet sites like Bare Bones.
  • Two roses read a gardening magazine.
  • A dog gets cyber scratched on the Internet.
  • The doughboy downloads pictures of cheesecake.
  • George Washington confesses to downloading pictures from
  • Gumby's mom gets mad at him when she finds his copy of Clayboy Magazine.
  • A dog says he doesn't want a video of him being neutered to show up online.
  • Little Bo Peep searches for sheep online.

  • A dog's wife catches him looking at filth on the internet.
  • Lice watch Rapunzel at a stag party.
  • Popular Mechanics' swimsuit edition has pictures of male mechanics in bikinis.

You searched for: pornographic