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  • Man entices family over for Thanksgiving by telling them they can catch a Pickachu there.

  • Man thinks trick-or-treaters are Pokémon to find from Pokémon Go.
  • The Betty Rubble Center for Recovering Toons serves cartoons instead of celebrities.
  • Gumby and Pokey become Gumbemon and Pokemon when they have dreadlocks.
  • A baseball team trades a player for Pokemon.
  • The newest Pokemon cards are Dontuchem, Setinwaysz, and Stockdip.
  • South Park gets crossed over with Pokemon.
  • A Pokemon player is excited to have caught lots of viruses.
  • Exiles to the land of misfit toys include Scratch-My-Rash Elmo and Reasonably Priced Pokemon Cards.
  • The lates Pokemon cards are Buksuker, Tiktawfteacha, and Spinawfz.
  • A mom gets her kids to eat vegetables by putting Pokemon on them.
  • Children swarm a man's house when he hands out Pokemon cards on Halloween.

You searched for: pokemon