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  • The original GPS was actually a grumpy pointing spouse giving directions.

  • Mom thinks baby's first word is mommy, but she's actually pointing at a mummy.
  • The grim reaper nearly kills the wrong person because he's distracted by his phone.
  • A woman feels insecure when airport security laughs at the x-ray of her luggage.
  • Parents come to parents' night at a school and a monster looks at his kid's webbed hand turkey.
  • Researchers looking for Bigfoot find Bigcankle instead.
  • After passing sobriety test, man allows cat to have more catnip.
  • With misspelling of complaint, Conplaints Desk gets complaints.
  • Man doesn't understand the need for finger stylus for his tablet.
  • Downward pointing tail reveals inconsistent message about presentation.
  • In a perfect world, during the walk to find a cure, the cure would be on the ground.

You searched for: pointing