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  • The poetry of Father John Misty isn't a good fit for Hallmark.
  • Knight realizes that Humpty Dumpty poem doesn't say he was an egg.

  • Dr. McCoy from Star Trek reads a list of things he's not at a poetry slam.
  • For Father's Day, Mark's family provides all the ideas so he can have the day off.
  • Before Paradise Lost, John Milton wrote Pacifier Lost.
  • Road less traveled inspired by poor internet directions.
  • Contrary to the Night Before Christmas, a scary mouse is stirring.
  • Police officer questions the spider that frightened Little Miss Muffet away.
  • Rain, rain, go away, ring around the rosy, and pat-a-cake updated.
  • A chicken lectures at a seminar on how to successfully cross the road by crossing at a less busy section.
  • Some nursery rhymes updated for the modern era.
  • Pieces of candy make corny jokes.

You searched for: poem