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  • Candlestick maker worries butcher and baker are plotting to eat him.
  • Dorian Gray's profile picture on Facebook is him as an old man.
  • Lemons watch movie with plot twist.
  • Gravy is on judicial trial accused of trying to smother a turkey.

  • A tank of Piranhas think of ways to get the owner to stick his hand in the tank
  • Flowers paint a rock to look like the grass around it so they can avoid the mower.
  • A kid restuffs his empty Halloween candy wrappers with japapenos so his dad won't steal his candy.
  • Adam gets aphids to eat Eve's leaves.
  • Sam I am dies and becomes sam I was.
  • Alligators try to trick people on a boat tour into putting their hands outside the boat.
  • A cat knocks over a vase so it can steal a bite of its owner's turkey.
  • A James Bond villain sets up a ridiculous machine of death.

You searched for: plots