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  • Squeeze bottle ketchup tells glass bottle he never has a problem staying regular.
  • Ketchup at party isn’t comfortable around squeeze bottles as friendly mustard comes in for hug.
  • Devil discovers that his misshapen pitchfork is not dishwasher safe.

  • The creature from the green lagoon reminds a woman to recycle.
  • Kangaroo gets choice of paper or plastic bags or pouch at grocery store.
  • Therapist explains to patient that the plastic comes off couch for important patients.
  • Host regrets taking plastic covers off furniture when guest son brings home is a snowman.
  • Queen insists plastic covers stay on the throne until someone important comes over.
  • Bottle is not interested in long term relationship and only dates returnable bottles.
  • A woman asks a man buying reusable tote bags if he wants them bagged in paper or plastic.
  • Girl runs a green but germy lemonade stand by using the same cup over and over.
  • Lemon parents find Realemon boyfriend of daughter to be phony.

You searched for: plastic