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  • Pizza waiting to sign autographs is disappointed he’s not as famous as pizzeria sign said.
  • Man burns roof of mouth on hot pizza and tiny repair man climbs ladder to fix it.
  • Jealous bird yells at friend eating pizza without him.
  • Dad's recipe is a pizza shaped like a turkey.
  • Pizza and pineapple couple sneak around because people don't think pineapple should go on pizza.

  • Doctor explains rare patient case of getting hit by a pizza in the eye like a big moon pie.
  • New phone app detects burned food and calls for pizza.
  • Turkey orders many pizzas for Thanksgiving in an attempt to save himself.
  • Plain pizzas wonder what to buy for the pizza with everything.
  • Fish Bar bouncer at a fish bar waves in all the fish but discriminates by denying anchovies entrance.
  • A Rube Goldberg machine will make pizza for your kids.
  • The Betty Rubble Center provides rehab for troubled cartoons.

You searched for: pizzas