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  • Pirate with wooden leg and hook hand has peg leg Christmas stocking hung on fireplace mantle.
  • Pirate asks captain to walk the plank again.
  • Pirate walking the plank bypasses line with fast pass.
  • Missing Eye Patch is used as a Bathing Suit.
  • Shark tricks pirate into making his crew member walk the plank.
  • Selfish, greedy people download without paying sound like pirates.

  • Pirate with hook for hand is excited to get another hand at second hand store.

  • Pirate is disappointed he's walking off the plank and will be two steps short of his FitBit goal.

  • A pirate cracks his iPhone screen with his hook hand.
  • A pirate asks who made the sausage and another pirate with a hook says he had a hand in it.
  • A pirate with two hooks for hands goes to use the bathroom.
  • A pirate and a dog owner are both disappointed by how big their pets got.

You searched for: pirates