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  • Snowmen in court inherit extra face and body parts in deceased snowman’s will.
  • Chiropractor pushes Mr. Potatohead’s back too hard popping out toy face and body parts.
  • Dog instantly destroys new chew toy before owner finishes her sentence.
  • Bird couple dumps out Ikea box of complicated twig pieces to assemble nest in tree.
  • Judge looks at instructions to assemble juror parts spread across courtroom floor.
  • Mr. Potatohead must hold eyeballs closer to tv to see because he refuses to get glasses.
  • Tetris pieces could totally maneuver into subway car to make room for another piece.
  • Soldier serves Darth Vader cake sliced so that he can fit it into his mask's mouth.
  • Leg-Ow parodies the building toy Legos for small pieces that are painful to step on.
  • Puzzle piece is at the bar driving someone crazy by being the missing piece.
  • After half being eaten by bird, worm gets asked if she's lost weight.

  • Elves wonder who took the last slice of pizza.

You searched for: piece