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  • Mayor commemorates Earth Day planting a tree for the press after clearing trees for conference.
  • A new camera reduces blinks by holding subjects' eyes open.
  • The Feds were ready to Charge Al Capone with slacks evasion also.
  • The Beatles clarify a song that is misunderstood for reporters.
  • A judge rules that photos don't do the plaintiff justice.
  • A woman brings her famous meatloaf when she visits and paparazzi take pictures of it.
  • The Beatles get run over on Abbey Road.
  • Explorers are about to get attacked by a big cat in the jungle.
  • Sean Penn wears a costume at a Disney park, but he gets angry at photographers and can't keep the job.
  • Couple is unhappy with photographer who used to be a guillotine operator because their heads are cut off in the picture.

You searched for: photographer