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  • A bouncer refuses to let Eeyore, Charlie Brown, and Droopy into Happy Hour.
  • Well-adjusted willow has branches pointing upward rather than downward.
  • By beating test subject, researchers hope to treat incurable optimism.
  • Man asks man wearing monocle if he is a glasses-half-full guy.
  • Downward pointing tail reveals inconsistent message about presentation.
  • The Hope Diamond starts carrying a sign that says "The End is Near."
  • Janet's sleep comforter does a horrible job comforting her.
  • Fish tells shark that it's half eaten but shark tells fish it's a pessimist.
  • A man refuses to read a book about breaking the cycle of negative thinking because he thinks it won't do him any good.
  • The Grim Reaper has a motivational poster in his kitchen.
  • Cans being recycled wonder what they'll be next.

You searched for: pessimistic