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  • One Zilla monster asks another eating a chocolate factory if it broke it’s New Year’s Resolution already.
  • Stocking filled with Christmas gifts says to another that it always puts on weight during the holidays too.
  • Stomachs stretch to prepare to be stuffed during Thanksgiving feast.
  • Dessert element discovered fits anywhere even when there is no more room.
  • After overdoing it at the buffet, turtle is unable to hide in shell to hide from predator.

  • A dietician says people trying to lose weight should avoid words that will tempt them, so she shows a pita chart instead of a pie chart.
  • Chipmunks stuff their cheeks at a buffet to steal food.
  • A magician can't do his trick right because his rabbit is too fat.
  • A man orders a whole pig with dinner, but says it's a side dish because it's off to the side.
  • Reindeers' return trip isn't easier because Santa gains weight back with milk and cookies.
  • Couple eats so much, their stomach touch under table.
  • At buffet, man says he has to eat everything since he's an omnivore.

You searched for: overeat