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  • Dog fidgeting in bed is the original fidget spinner.
  • The original GPS was actually a grumpy pointing spouse giving directions.

  • Unoriginal employees come up with same slogan of "be Unique" for t-shirt design.
  • Begging for quarters to play Pac Man was the original political action committee fund.
  • Snowflakes make themselves into strange shapes in order to stay unique.
  • Hallmark cards for snowflakes all say "There's no one quite like you" inside.
  • Normal Al Yankovic sings non-parody versions of Weird Al songs.
  • Narcissus looks at his reflection.
  • The early bird understands the worm.
  • Paul is different from the other anteaters because he eats rabbits.
  • Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, and Chickenhawk are the original angry birds.

You searched for: original