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  • People's beers come with cocktail additions in them.
  • An orange gives birth to lemons and her husband is suspicious.
  • Pear can't compare new apple girlfriend to old orange girlfriend.
  • Orange wife suspects late husband arriving of being freshly squeezed.
  • Poets lobby dictionary makers to add word that rhymes with orange.
  • Jealous orange hears her mate call a clementine "darling."
  • A fruit yells at other fruits to not look at its weight on the scale.
  • Talking fruit smoothies use pickup lines on a passer-by.
  • A fruit crime scene has fruit trapped in Jello.
  • An orange tells a tall tale about fighting Anita Bryant.
  • A fruit lawyer says his client is entitled to a jury of pears.
  • A Fruit of the Loom commercial goes wrong when a fruit fly supply truck crashes into the set and the fruit flies eat the actors.

You searched for: oranges