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  • Laughing gas takes effect on patient as she texts LOL.
  • Walrus Teeth floss is the size of rope.
  • Box of Saliva Green Teeth, parody of Salada Green Tea.
  • Mercury thermometer tells young digital thermometers a story of how hard life used to be.
  • The only X-ray apron available at the dentist says "Kiss the Patient."
  • A cat gets a gold tooth after eating a goldfish.
  • A shark dentist's patient has squid breath.
  • Germs on a man's teeth follow them like a Yellow Brick Road.
  • Derek's plant is holding Tic-Tacs and Certs because Derek likes to talk to his plants, implying that his breath is bad.
  • Dentist has patient's tooth tied to a doorknob with string and tells her the tooth is fine, but the knob needs replacing.
  • One toothbrush tells another he had same bad dream of being dragged around smelly cave and waking up soaking wet.
  • Todd at company meeting projects his voice, which projects the words coming out of his mouth onto the wall, so no one can ignore him.

You searched for: oral