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  • Olympic sport of exchanging insults has competitor ridiculing uniform.

  • Hospital patient gets hurried discharge from Usain Bolt.
  • New pirate sporting event called Synchronized Plank Walking.
  • Swimmer misunderstands what freestyle swimming is and comes prepared to rap.
  • Pet bird practices gymnastic routine discovering gymnastic dismount beyond the pet cat is necessary.
  • An unethical gymnastics coach has his students get him snacks.
  • A swimmer removes his ears and nose to improve his time slightly.
  • The Feline Olympics name a litter-tracking champion.
  • Jeff Probst of Survivor snuffs the ceremonial Olympic torch.
  • A dog chases after a discus, thinking it's a Frisbee.
  • A discus crashes, but the Romans made a backup.
  • New Olympic events include power napping and extreme uphill bobsled.

You searched for: olympics