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  • An elderly M&M's m-shaped breasts become w's because they're saggy.
  • A galapagos turtle turns 150.
  • Aging centipede feels like it has thirty-seven feet in the grave.
  • A man says when he was his daughter's age he had to walk all the way to the window to get cell reception.
  • Old Pillsbury Doughboys retire to the Home for the Day Old.
  • Grecian Formula hair dye is spilt near gray seals, giving them a new color and nearly causing extinction.
  • Hypnotist tells patient her eyelids are getting heavy but patient is insulted about eyelids being overweight.
  • Ghosts use irons as an anti-aging product.
  • Aging Rock Stars have a new set of abilities, like playing the guitar with their dentures.
  • Popcorn kernels have hot flashes, and change into popcorn during menopause.
  • The red hat society sends Santa a cease and desist.
  • Costumers must assume the employees are smiling at the Botox Injection Clinic.

You searched for: old age