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  • Olympic sport of exchanging insults has competitor ridiculing uniform.

  • A turtle has a shell for protection, but also uses a knife.
  • A girl watching Miley Cyrus hopes that her cat's role model isn't Grumpy Cat, and the cat thinks the same thing in reverse.
  • Volunteer tells Internet troll that there's no place for snarky comment.
  • Woman worries about deviant behavior upon finding Doughboy's twist ties.
  • Husband fish tells wife fish that fishing story is not true and that she is not that big.
  • Insulted waiter spits in food and bird recalls food like mother made.
  • Kangaroo thinks baby is in pouch but kangaroo is just fat.
  • Hypnotist tells patient her eyelids are getting heavy but patient is insulted about eyelids being overweight.
  • A group of ducks complains that Chuck Berry's duck walk is offensive.
  • A woman at a nudist camp threatens to kick a man where the sun shines.

You searched for: offensive