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  • Man wants to email his doctor a scan of his butt to ask his opinion on a problem.
  • Woman who does have caffeine at home mistakes salt for sugar when making coffee at work.
  • Pizza and pineapple couple sneak around because people don't think pineapple should go on pizza.

  • Aliens think the Earth show is just crazy.
  • Among rare animals, a rare sight is a Game of Thrones episode where no one dies.

  • In a dog's Twilight Zone, dogs don't have any butts.
  • Mom explains that potatohead son's misplaced body parts are because he dressed himself.

  • Nostradamus accurately predicts husband will spill marinara on new shirt.

  • Norman feeds himself in airplane mode after feeding baby.
  • Creepy smile surgery masks have opposite effect of making patients anxious.
  • An owl rotates its head around so it can look up while getting a back massage.

You searched for: od'd