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  • Once he has a phone, groundhog never notices his shadow again.
  • Kids text at the Thanksgiving table, so their dad says he'll text Grace.
  • Van Gogh's friend said she really liked the chew toy he gave her dog, but the toy was his ear.
  • A poodle's owner shaves a maze into his hair.
  • A man showers with dolphins instead of swimming with them.
  • A woman makes a post about spending less time on Facebook, but then obsessively checks to see if anyone has liked the post.

  • Cinderella asks Prince Charming if he wants to go shopping to see how many other shoes fit her.
  • Everything Queen Midas touches turns to shoes.
  • A fly has a fetish for being shooed away.
  • A man with OCD can't sleep because he imagined too many sheep and how he has to count them all.
  • Famous cartoons in rehab for addictions.

You searched for: obsess