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  • A dog climbs a mountain to receive wisdom and learns that disobedience is okay if no one sees it.
  • No one graduates from the Cat Obedience School.
  • The grim reaper's son trips and cuts his own head off with his scythe.
  • Web site instructs dog owner how to get dog to wear heels instead of heel.
  • Dog traffic signal says stay and wanna go for a walk instead of walk and don't walk.
  • Teenager tells dad to relax as her body piercings are just tattoos.
  • Frustrated mom tries to leave kids at dog obedience school.
  • Man cannot roll up online newspaper so dog has freedom to misbehave.
  • Dog donates paw to owner for transplant.
  • Dog tells wife she can't yell at him for making mess unless he's caught in the act.
  • A dog shreds his diploma from obedience school.
  • A dog tells a cat not to hate him because he's dutiful.

You searched for: obedience