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  • Salad fork gets caught eating midnight snack of cookie.
  • A dietician says people trying to lose weight should avoid words that will tempt them, so she shows a pita chart instead of a pie chart.
  • The snake in the garden of Eden can't convince his kids to eat an apple.
  • Mr. Potatohead needs to eat more starch.
  • Dorothy orders heart healthy food, and the tin man orders bacon.
  • Dunder Head brand bread parodies Wonder Bread.
  • Mr. Pepper had his medical license revoked for recommending sugary drinks.
  • Shark won't eat butt because he is on a gluteus-free diet.
  • Snake's new diet is to tie itself into a knot to restrict eating.
  • Woman is beast feeding in pubic, as opposed to breastfeeding.
  • Parents cringe as children trick-or-treat with bags that have calorie counters.
  • Young Shark tells mom he ate his salad after eating palm leaves with an islander.

You searched for: nutrition