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  • A man goes naked to a party where people are wearing birthday themed suits.
  • The emperor gets closure when he realizes that he likes being naked.
  • A man finds a rudest nudist colony where people talk on cell phones and text impolitely.
  • Crowd votes for out of shape man to keep his clothes on at nude beach.
  • A hermit crab is surprised that her husband took her to a shell-less beach.
  • The Emperor has a wardrobe malfunction during a parade.
  • People wear just their skeletons on dress-down Friday at the nudist camp.
  • A woman at a nudist picnic is upset because another woman is not wearing the same dress she's not wearing.
  • A woman at a nudist camp threatens to kick a man where the sun shines.
  • Moths have to move because there's nothing for them to eat at a nudist camp.
  • A nudist has a nightmare that he's fully clothed in front of lots of people.

You searched for: nudist