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  • Santa goes to his therapist and says he sees naughty people.
  • Mona Lisa's kid gets into trouble because her mom's eyes follow you.
  • Kids in caveman school draw on the walls.
  • A man prints out a coloring book, but his kids draw on the computer instead.
  • Santa offers to save time at trial by telling if defendant has been bad or good.
  • Casper the friendly ghost discovers he can secretly be rude on his computer.
  • Dog tells wife she can't yell at him for making mess unless he's caught in the act.
  • Man wonders who downloaded dirty snow images on his computer while snowman stands outside window.
  • Santa goes to jail for not giving the government his naughty list.
  • A kid says he wants a Dove bar, but he swears so his mom washes his mouth out with Dove soap.
  • A dog is hungry and eats all of the Christmas cookies left for Santa, but the kids think it's Santa.
  • Rudolph the Reindeer has a nose that glows infrared to see if kids have been good or bad.

You searched for: naughty