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  • Atlas' little brother gets it easy by holding up moon.C18
  • Elvis worked out by doing bicep and lip curls.
  • An owl rotates its head around so it can look up while getting a back massage.
  • Rabbits work out their hips with weights and their hops on the treadmill.
  • Ant gyms measure their weights in terms of times body weight.
  • A poodle only looks muscular because he was groomed that way.
  • Shark won't eat butt because he is on a gluteus-free diet.
  • After racquetball, a man has a racket bawl because exercising made him sore.
  • Woman thought snowman would be muscular when he said he was built.
  • Pear's figure is improved by working on his core.
  • Frankenstein adds weights to neck bolts to work out.

You searched for: muscle