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  • Dog wants more presents from Santa to destroy after ripping up gift wrap making a large mess.
  • Dog proclaims serving of one scoop of dog food to be fake news.
  • During fall, the giving tree drops more and more leaves.

  • Potatohead parents put on more eyes so that they can watch daughter with boyfriend.
  • Santa leaves even more presents behind after cat scratches a hole in his pack.
  • Doctor's diagnosis of patient is healthy with the exception of a milk bottle shaped calcium deposit on nose.
  • A clown waitress offers seconds of pie to clowns who have pies smashed on their faces.
  • An airport charges $25 extra for respect.
  • The moon orders dessert, so it's not full yet.
  • Heaven gets crowded, so the angels might have to update their cloud storage.
  • Chipmunks stuff their cheeks at a buffet to steal food.

You searched for: more