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  • Santa with laptop computer ordered sexy Santa suit with skirt, fishnet stockings and high heel boots from website by mistake.
  • Teeth mistakenly let a Trojan pinatas inside.
  • Dog is arrested after peeing on a fire hydrant art exhibition.
  • Mummy is spelled wrong on Coffee Cup.
  • Death comes to incorrect address due to GPS error.
  • Coffee shop mistakenly writes Satan on Santa's coffee cup.
  • In hospital, Rudolph mistakenly gets all of Operation Man's parts taken out.
  • Santa mistakenly gets arrested for being a scary creepy clown.

  • Futuristic people getting tattoo of emoji poop symbol believe it represents truth and beauty.
  • Man returns headphones that erased his nose because he thought nose-cancelling label was a mistake.
  • Cat is asked to leave when he mistakenly thinks sand-colored carpeting is litter.
  • Man lands in hospital after mistaking poison for fancy microbrew.

You searched for: mistaken