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  • Jack Frost admits to nipping at other things.
  • Woman mistakes cat scratches on headboard as tally marks for man's sexual partners.
  • Cat owner has a flood in living room from squirting overly misbehaving cat.
  • Unbeknownst to him, man questions why cat is called calm one while other cat is about to attack.
  • Man reprimands piñata for leaving candy on carpet.

  • Santa is original binge watcher, watching kids all the time.
  • Parrot complains to mom that his sister refuses to repeat him.
  • When trying to leave the yard, dog is shocked by sign saying they are getting a cat.
  • A woman guesses that a man has a new kitten because his legs are covered in scratches.
  • A TV reporter falls silent when the teleprompter is broken.
  • No one graduates from the Cat Obedience School.

You searched for: misbehavior