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  • Dog’s secret admirer dumped garbage can out on doorstep for Valentine’s Day.
  • Dog wants more presents from Santa to destroy after ripping up gift wrap making a large mess.
  • Stocking hung by fire says gesundheit to one that has sneezed Christmas gifts all over room.
  • Salt and pepper shakers agree to fist bump rather than handshake when they meet.
  • Nostradamus accurately predicts husband will spill marinara on new shirt.

  • Man tells woman that dancing like no one is watching does not apply to eating.
  • A woman buys Mr. Dirty by accident and makes her kitchen messier.
  • A dog gets excited when he hears the word "walk" in boardwalk while playing Monopoly.
  • Ghost compliments the disrepair of friend's home.
  • Surgeons suggest not using confetti in the operating room for New Year's Celebration.

You searched for: messes