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  • Masseuse massaging snowman is horrified his back is melting but Frosty feels loose.
  • Snow woman complains that melting snowman date’s online profile said he was taller and he answers he was that morning.
  • Sad snowman reads newspaper obituaries of snowmen that melted on a beautiful sunny day.
  • Witch and Frankenstein’s first date is off to a bad start because of their opposite fears of fire and water.
  • Dog melts snow with urine.
  • Snowmen campfire stories are the scariest.
  • Snowmen get scared watching a horror movie that has a snowwoman melting.
  • Dehydrated snowman visits the doctor.
  • Snowman breaks up with snowwoman because their May-December relationship would cause them to melt.
  • Snowmen and slugs are being attacked by salt shakers.

  • Frosty melts from defective Galaxy phone that catches fire.
  • Devil discovers that his misshapen pitchfork is not dishwasher safe.

You searched for: melting