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  • Medusa opens a jar of toads to draw her snake hair straight down.
  • Humid weather makes Medusa’s snake hair curled and frizzy.
  • Medusa decides to go wireless as her earbuds cords tangle her snake hair.
  • Medusa looks in a mirror and sees she has hat hair.
  • Snake is not happy about being cropped out of Medusa's profile picture.
  • Medusa needs to use a nose trimmer to trim the snakes from her nose.
  • Medusa laughs at big 80s snake hair.

  • Medusa has snake hair and sees a snake with people hair.
  • Medusa is jealous of her friend's color-changing chameleon hair.
  • PETA sends Medusa a warning for wearing her ponytails too tight.
  • Medusa's hair thickener is made of mice.

You searched for: medusa