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  • Lenny says jury foreman didn't say guilty with enough conviction.

  • Stars look down at the small Earth and feel significant.
  • A dog gets a text and can't tell if it's a sarcastic woof or not.
  • Cat does poorly on vocab test because he doesn't know the meaning of the word no.
  • Man gives woman brain-shaped necklace as his love comes from brain.
  • Man climbs mountain to ask guru about the meaning of life and finds the grim reaper.
  • Guru cat only knows the meaning of life number two.
  • A gender translator explains what a man's grunt means.
  • A gender translator explains what a woman's outburst means.
  • A girl in driving school has to say what the bugs splattered on her windshield look like.
  • A snake gets a tattoo to show his girlfriend how much he loves her, but he's shed the skin with tattoos of previous girlfriends.

You searched for: meaning